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COREganized from Head To Toe With Benito Garcia

By Regina Huber – Confidence & Presence Coach; Founder of Transform Your Performance

Core stability, organization and balance are three key elements of COREGANIZE 360, a self-care program for dancers that doesn’t only increase the longevity of a dancer’s career, but also helps them achieve more success faster.

COREganize 360 stands for a perfect balance of organization and stability. As Benito says, “practice brings you closer to perfection… as long as you are practicing the right things.” COREganize 360 teaches dancers how to organize themselves from head to toe so they can be stable and calm in performance and competition situations, despite the jitters and distractions. How? – COREganize 360 replaces unfavorable habits by new ones, which are based on advanced physiological concepts and which support an optimal performance.

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Benito, a professional dancer who has performed all over the world, knows how challenging it can be to dance on a stage, at an audition, or in a competition. Dancers invest all this time in rehearsals and lots of money in clothes, make-up, and travel… and then they mess it up with their anxiety. Benito found that he (just as the other dancers) didn’t have a protocol that allowed him to get ready to confront the unexpected and the pressure before and during performances. COREganize 360 is a regimen that gets the butterflies organized. But not only that…

Benito confided that he was constantly injured and spent too much time in his doctor’s office. He decided that this was not a desirable reality for a dancer. Inspired by Dr. Carlon M. Colker from Greenwich, CT, who had created a special practice for Benito that helped him avoid knee surgery, he started working on the concept that became the basis for COREganize 360, which helps reduce the risk of injuries.

Benito’s main clients have been ballroom dancers because he is one of them. Just to name a few:

Maurizio Vescovo & Andra

Peter & Alexandra Perzhu, Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana, Egor Abashkin & Katia Kanevskaya, and Pasha Pashkov & Daniela Karagach.

Other professional dancers are now starting to get intrigued, as they are seeing the immense success ballroom dancers have had as a result of this work. Benito confirms that it benefits any dancer or performer: It is a combination of mental and physical preparation that allows them to get internally connected and “in the zone”, stable and organized so they can replicate their best practice during the actual performance.

COREganize 360 also benefits the relationships of the dancers with each other, not only in ballroom dancing, where it’s crucial to coordinate anything that happens within the embrace. Pasha Pashkov & Daniela Karagach, a couple who ranked in the top 48 range of the 400 best couples in the world, called him up because they had seen John Gaylan & Alexandra Gutkovich, the kids he had trained previously. Within 9 months after taking his program, Pasha and Daniela went back to the same competition and jumped to the top 12 range, meaning they skipped a whole bracket of placements. They maximized their skills by rationalizing them. Their inner mechanics enhanced their outer dynamics; they now looked much more organic on the dance floor. We could say they multiplied the effect of their hard work by increasing their awareness and upgrading their mindset, which again raised their level of confidence. They went from strong to powerful.

When I asked him for his vision, Benito said that he sees a future in which all dancers have a healthy training system that integrates COREganize 360 or similar self-care programs, just like athletes. It’s not only about tonight’s show; we have to think long-term. Fortunately, dancers are starting to realize that it’s not just about adding on another dance class or another movement. Empowered dancers cultivate a practice that prepares their bodies for any challenge, any movement. Their future doesn’t depend on another dance class; what it does depend on, though, is a healthy body and mind. And the ability to cope with any training and performing challenge, with more ease and grace.

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