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Be Responsible For Your Own Balance!

Here a Dance Tip to Challenge and Improve Your Balance. You are Responsible for Your own Balance not Your Partner. The movement this week will be a Relevè.

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Start by standing with the feet hip width apart and body stacked in an anatomical neutral position to begin relevès. Ears over the shoulders, shoulders over the hips hips over the feet with arms externally rotated and palms facing forward. Now that you are in this healthy upright position take a breathe and release all of the tension in your body without giving up the integrity of your posture. Keep joints available on the way up and on the way down.

Rise for 4 beats and lower for 4 beats 6 to 8 sets. Then shift to the left foot with the right foot off the floor a couple of inches and rise for 4 counts and lower for 4 counts 6 to 8 sets. If this is too difficult; use a chair to assist You. Then repeat on the opposite side. When finished. Go back to the bilateral stanse and rise for 4 count and Lower for for counts to assess if balanced has improved. Just to take the pressure off. You should be looking for a 1 to 3 percent improvement. ENJOY YOUR NEW BALANCE!

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