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How many times do you walk into the ballroom on competition day and feel disorganized?  If you were asked to describe your feelings, I’m guessing that “calm” would not be an adjective you’d choose.  How many of us take the time to prepare ourselves so we are in control of our bodies and our emotional state?  Not many.  Most people assume that if they’ve practiced choreography over and over, that this simple act is enough to do well on “game day,” but there is one key component that is overlooked…..stress and anxiety. 


Our Coreganize 360 workshops teach the dancer how to organize themselves from head to toe so that competition situations are no different than practice situations.  To eliminate the distractions of the spectators, music, other competitors, etc., is worth gold. Despite the environmental distractions, we teach the dancer how to be organized, stable and ready. 


Workshops are offered on-site at your studio and at competitions all over the country. The Coreganize 360 program includes four different modules to choose from.  These modules are offered in large group format and individual 45 minute sessions, available to professional and amateur dance competitors during competitions.  




Our MM Hands & Foot treatment program is one of our most popular and receives unbelievable reviews.  Using various size compression balls, we teach you how to release tension and pain in your hands and feet which immediately improves your balance, awareness and stability.  



Our Dynamic & Functional Warm-up is a sequence of daily functional movements that rejuvinate your body, stabilize your joints and restores energy and body awareness.



Our YTU Body Decompression program is a self massage technique that will find and address your body's tension and pain, tightness and muscle resistence giving your body relief from being overused, under-used, misused and abused.  



Our Passive Stretching program is an assisted, gentle contraction and release technique that helps you relax and lengthen the muscle while relieving tension and increasing your range of motion.  



Our Body Conditioning program improves your physical readiness, strength, endurance and core stability allowing you to maintain your performance quality from beginning to end.  This program will help you start strong and finish stronger!


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