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When seven-time World Champion race car driver, Michael Schumacher got in his car, do you think he just turned the key and sped off?  When Marvin Hamlish sat down at his piano to write the song "The Way We Were" for Barbara Streisand, did he just start playing regardless of how his instrument sounded? No great athlete or musician can give their best performance without tuning up their equipment.  Our bodies ARE our equipment.  Why should we treat our dancing any differently?  


Practice doesn't make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect. Coreganize 360 is a program for dancers designed by a dancer that focuses on organizing your butterflys, increasing body awareness and improving balance. Our workshops help the dancer establish power on the dancefloor without force, creating the look of ultimate efficiency.  How many times have you found yourself over-exerting energy yet declining in quality? Better quality, leads to a more perfect practice.    


In 2006, Benito Garcia developed Coreganize 360 after being inspired by Dr. Carlon Colker, arguably one of the most prestigous trainers of professional and Olympic athletes around the world. After completing his training under Dr. Colker, Benito began working with dancers to help them take their performances to award winning levels.


Movement patterns and exercises in the Coreganize 360 program are adapted to the style of dance preferred. We have worked with ballroom dancers in all styles (Rhythm, Latin, Smooth and Standard), as well as Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop performers.  


Coreganize 360 will teach you how to start strong and finish stronger.  It includes everything from functional movement, to body conditioning and total body decompression.  



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