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Andrei Kazlouski & Asta Sigvaldadottir

US National Professional Latin Finalists

UK & Blackpool Professional Latin Semi Finalists

World Championship Professional Latin Semi Finalists


"Our first experience with Coreganize 360 was in 2012. We were at a point in our dancing where we felt we needed to improve our preparation and conditioning. We had heard wonderful things about Benito, so naturally, we wanted to try his program.


At first, we recognized the improvement in our balance and our ability to better receive and apply the technical information we were being taught by our coaches. We were able to understand where our power was coming from and learned a greater appreciation for the fundamentals and mechanics of our movement apart from one another and together.  After working with Benito, our bodies felt more organized and our movement was more coordinated.


The other element of our work with Coreganize 360 was the circuit training. This was really great! We immediately felt a difference in our endurance and our performance on the floor. This program really gave us what we needed to become more prepared and conditioned for high level competition.


We have continued to include elements of Coreganize 360 in our regular training and would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about making a significant difference in their performance!"


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