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Peter and Alexandra Perzhu

4-Time US Nine Dance Professional National Champions



"When we came to the states in 2006, we were competing every weekend. Fatigue was setting in and we needed to pay more attention to our overall conditioning. We came across Benito at a competition and saw that he was training a young couple who were very prepared and rehearsed on the floor. Their performance inspired us, so we contacted Benito to help us as well.


Immediately, after doing the exercises in the Coreganize 360 program, we felt really good! Our physical conditioning increased and our performances were better. We learned how to prepare our bodies better for competition and fight the fatigue we were experiencing. Our aches disappeared once we started consistently using the program and the function work helped us identify our areas of weakness. The strength of our joints improved and our bodies felt more coordinated and organized.


One of the most beneficial parts of the Coreganize 360 program was the breathing and balancing components. Once we learned how to master this, our dancing became so much easier. It opened the door to a place we had not been before and we felt like we had wings. It gave us more power and a smoother connection across the floor.


Aside from physically preparing us, the Coreganize 360 program emotionally connected us in our partnership. We were able to push ourselves to new levels and work better as a team. We learned how to take care of each other, encourage one another and motivate and inspire each other when we needed it most. We continue to use the Coreganize 360 program today and would recommend it to all!"



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