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Roger Korsiak and Holli Hornlien

WDSF Senior 1 Amateur Latin Vice Champions

WDSF Senior 2 Amateur Latin National Champions

WDC Senior 1 & 2 Amateur Latin National Champions


"Our first experience with Coreganize 360 was in the winter of 2014 after one of our coaches recommended Benito Garcia to us. During our very first visit with Benito, he taught us how to connect with ourselves first, before we connected with each other. We immediately became aware of our different energies and intentions which we found very interesting. One of the most valuable things we learned right away, was to think about feeling the difference in our bodies instead of worrying so much about seeing the difference in our dancing. The difference in our dancing came naturally without much effort at all, once we began to think about simple things like body structure, and the function of muscle, joints and bone.


The Coreganize 360 program is invaluable! We have adapted this routine as our pre-competition warm-up and we won't go on the floor without it. This new pattern of behavior makes us feel stronger and more organized with less effort and more control. We have never felt more balanced on our feet than we do now. We've learned how to relax while moving by using the breathing pattern that Benito taught us and the coordination of our energy now is truly amazing!


We recently hired Benito to assist us during our same day competition preparations for USA Dance Nationals. Having him on-site with us at the competition was incredible. His presence and ability to help us apply the mechanics and techniques of the Coreganize 360 program on the spot, relaxed us and allowed us to calm our nerves and focus on our performance. What Benito has done for us is real and it works. We would recommend Benito and Dance Tune-Up to any dancer who is looking for a qualified movement coach to help them achieve their goals!"





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