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Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

World Mambo and World Salsa Champion

World American Style Rhythm Champion

American Style Rhythm Show Dance Champion

"This experience clearly makes me realize and reconfirm how perfect and coordinated the body is and how important it is to be self-aware of the organic way it was designed to operate.


Unfortunately, because of fear and insecurity caused by the collective consciousness, we lost connections with ourselves along the way.  Coreganize 360 allowed us to become in touch with our inner selves and start focusing on the most precious and God given gift; BODY, MIND and SOUL! Benny taught us how to breath and move as "one".  '


The mechanics used by Benito in his sessions allowed us to go back to the basic principle of self-awareness. We were able to reclaim, in an organic way, what the body is designed to do, in perfect harmony with the mind.  As a professional dancer,  it gives me the perfect opportunity to invest in any performance, not only with ease and efficiency, but also with emotional delivery and a better sense of FREEDOM!

In my opinion, Coreganize 360 is MIND, BODY and SOUL at it's BEST!"


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